Nov. 11, 2022

Vespa Motorsports / Scooterwest

In Ep. 24, A Scooter Affair has the chance to sit down with Alex and Robot from Vespa Motorsports in San Diego, CA

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Sept. 27, 2022

The Scooter Lounge

In Episode 23, ASA talks with The Scooter Lounge owner, David Hurtado

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May 31, 2022

Lambretta Jamboree 2022

In episode 22, Patrick Birke sits with ASA and gives us a history lesson on Lambretta and tells us about this year's Jamboree.

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April 26, 2022

Amerivespa 2022

In episode 21, I talk with VCOA Secretary, Ashley Richards. Ashley gets us all up to speed on Amerivepspa in the Twin Cities, MN this coming June.

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March 29, 2022

Scooter Rallies

In ep. 20, ASA talks with several organizers about their rally. Join us for great stories and insight on the Scooter Rally. Lobster Run Scoot Salem Sloopy's Revenge

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Feb. 22, 2022

Vespa Portland

In episode 19, ASA talks with Andrew Callaci of Vespa Portland. Listen as we talk about the history, current happenings and future of one of the best scooter dealers in the U.S.

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Jan. 25, 2022

Back on the Horse

In ep. 18, Josh Rogers returns to discuss an accident he had 13 years ago and the steps that were taken to get back in the saddle.

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Dec. 28, 2021

Bald John

ASA Talks with Bald John about scooter tuning and modding.

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Nov. 30, 2021

Julie Taggart, Scooter Cannonball 2021 Winner

In episode 16, Julie Taggart talks about what it takes to be on top of the points list for the Scooter Cannonball.

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Oct. 26, 2021

Chelsea Lahmers, MotoRichmond

In episode 15, I talk with Chelsea of Moto Richmond. We discuss her new location and the past 20 years of being of selling scooters and changing with the times.

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Sept. 28, 2021

Lambretta Club USA

In episode 14, ASA talks with Joe Barthlow. President of Lambretta Club USA Lambretta Club Facebook

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Aug. 31, 2021

Peter Moore

Travel author and Vespa Enthusiast Peter Moore talks about his adventures around Italy on a Vespa.

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July 27, 2021

Markus Mayer, La Vida Vespa!

Markus Mayer has, literally, been clear around the plant on a Scooter. Listen as he talks about his amazing journeys in A Scooter Affair's 12th episode.

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June 29, 2021

Scooter Cannonball 2021

In Episode 11, I talk with David Bednarski about 2021's Scooter Cannonball.

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May 25, 2021

Piston Ported

Listen to Peter Lundgren and I discuss his scooter parts and apparel shop, Piston Ported in Minneapolis.

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April 27, 2021

The Stella Fireball

In episode 09, I welcome Philip McCaleb and Kristin Donovan and we talk about The Genuine Stella Fireball, and much more!

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March 30, 2021

Tim Calhoun of Quin Design

In Episode 08, I talk with Tim Calhoun from Quin Design helmets. Quin is making some of the most advanced helmets when it comes to technology and response times in the event of an emergency. http...

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Feb. 23, 2021

A Talk with a Soldier of Destiny, Justin Barnes

In episode 07, A Scooter Affair talks with Justin Barnes. Justin is part of the Soldiers of Destiny scooter club and rode across the U.S. on a Zuma 125 while filming it for the documentary "A Slow Ride Home". https://www.slo...

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Jan. 26, 2021

A Talk with The Scooter 'Zine Creator, Howard Rains

In episode 06, A Scooter Affair talks with Howard Rains. Howard is the creator and main content provider for The Scooter 'Zine.

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Dec. 28, 2020

A Talk with Scooter Enthusiast, Kristin Donovan

In episode 05, A Scooter Affair talks to Kristin Donovan about Blogging, Scooter Clubs and Being an Ambassador of Scoot Culture.

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Nov. 23, 2020

A Talk with Alix Bryan about 22,000 miles and Peace

In episode 04, A Scooter Affair talks with Alix Bryan about her 22,000 mile ride around the U.S. to spread a message of peace.

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Oct. 26, 2020

A Talk with Arlene Battishill. President and CEO of GoGo Gear riding …

In episode 03, A Scooter Affair talks with Arlene Battishill, President and CEO of GoGo Gear.

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Sept. 28, 2020

A Talk With Philip McCaleb of Genuine Scooter Company and Scooterworks

In episode 02, I talk with Philip McCaleb, formerly of Genuine Scooter Company and Scooterworks.

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Aug. 24, 2020

A Talk with Vespa Club of America President, Josh Rogers

A Scooter Affair sits down with Vespa Club of America President, Josh Rogers

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