A Scooter Affair

A Scooter Affair

A podcast discussing all things scooter

Recent Episodes

Piston Ported

May 25, 2021

Listen to Peter Lundgren and I discuss his scooter parts and apparel shop, Piston Ported in Minneap…

The Stella Fireball

April 27, 2021

In episode 09, I welcome Philip McCaleb and Kristin Donovan and we talk about The Genuine Stella Fi…

Tim Calhoun of Quin Design

March 30, 2021

In Episode 08, I talk with Tim Calhoun from Quin Design helmets. Quin is making some of the most ad…

A Talk with a Soldier of Destiny, Justin Barnes

Feb. 23, 2021

In episode 07, A Scooter Affair talks with Justin Barnes. Justin is part of the Soldiers of Destin…

A Talk with The Scooter 'Zine Creator, Howard Rains

Jan. 26, 2021

In episode 06, A Scooter Affair talks with Howard Rains. Howard is the creator and main content pro…

A Talk with Scooter Enthusiast, Kristin Donovan

Dec. 28, 2020

In episode 05, A Scooter Affair talks to Kristin Donovan about Blogging, Scooter Clubs and Being a…