A Scooter Affair

A Scooter Affair

A Podcast discussing all things Scooter

Recent Episodes

Peter Moore

Aug. 31, 2021

Travel author and Vespa Enthusiast Peter Moore talks about his adventures around Italy on a Vespa. www.petermoore.net

Markus Mayer, La Vida Vespa!

July 27, 2021

Markus Mayer has, literally, been clear around the plant on a Scooter. Listen as he talks about his amazing journeys in A Scooter Affair's 12th episode. http://www.la-Vida-vespa.com/ http://www.vespa-gentleman-giro.eu/

Scooter Cannonball 2021

June 29, 2021

In Episode 11, I talk with David Bednarski about 2021's Scooter Cannonball. http://www.scootercannonball.com

Piston Ported

May 25, 2021

Listen to Peter Lundgren and I discuss his scooter parts and apparel shop, Piston Ported in Minneapolis. http://pistonported.com

The Stella Fireball

April 27, 2021

In episode 09, I welcome Philip McCaleb and Kristin Donovan and we talk about The Genuine Stella Fireball, and much more!

Tim Calhoun of Quin Design

March 30, 2021

In Episode 08, I talk with Tim Calhoun from Quin Design helmets. Quin is making some of the most advanced helmets when it comes to technology and response times in the event of an emergency. https://www.scooteraffair.com htt…